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PhD Thesis

I have worked with the following technologies: Linux/Unix, Amazon Web Services, PFSense, Cisco, Git, Puppet, Ansible, VirtualBox, Docker, Ruby, C++, C#, R, Matlab, Perl, Python, TCP/IP, Apache, PHP, Tomcat, Oracle/mySQL, VMware/KVM, Varnish, AWS, GlusterFS, LDAP, Memcached, Asterisk, OpenVPN, Iptables, Subversion.

UBC(University of British Columbia), PhD (Physics)

Researched fundamental quantities of high temperature superconductors.

Senior DevOps Engineer June 2017 - Current, ASML US Inc, San Jose, CA

  • Maintaining large computing cluster using automation
  • Researching and writing systems software

Systems Engineer March 2017 - June 2017, Apple Inc, Sunnyvale, CA

  • Maintaining/troubleshooting nginx/modsecurity web application firewall and load balancer.
  • Reviewing and writing documentation.

IT Systems Engineer May 2016 - Feb 2017, Verseon Corp, Fremont, CA

  • Maintaining/troubleshooting existing critical and ancillary Linux-based systems.
  • Windows systems deployment.
  • Maintaining computation cluster: Using ansible to automate software builds.
  • Sharing on-call availability.
  • Configuring and maintaining monitoring and alerting systems for multiple clients.
  • Working closely with software developers to support and provide resources.
  • Managing network using Cisco firewall, pfsense.
  • Technologies used: CentOS, Google Apps, Linux, Puppet/Ansible, Apache, Zabbix, Iptables, Subversion/Git, Active Directory, Samba

Linux Systems Administrator, Navarik Corp, Oct. 2014 - Jan. 2016

  • Maintained existing critical and ancillary Linux/Solaris-based systems.
  • Shared on-call availability, solved critical issues as they arise with a goal of 100% uptime.
  • Configured and maintained monitoring and alerting systems for multiple clients.
  • Interacted with teams and customers in diļ¬€erent time zones ensuring 24x7 support.
  • Worked closely with software developers to support and provide resources.
  • Designed and implemented infrastructure architecture using Oracle Solaris.
  • MySQL administration: Installation, backup of databases.
  • Automated using Ansible/Puppet: SSH, Apache configuration files.
  • Managed network using Cisco firewall.
  • Technologies used: RHEL, Route 53 (AWS), Linux, Puppet/Ansible, Solaris, Apache, Oracle/mySQL, Iptables, Subversion/Git, Active Directory, Jira, Confluence.

Software Engineer, Landcor Data Corporation, Sep. 2013 - Jul. 2014

  • Maintaining/troubleshooting existing Linux systems.
  • Modeling house prices using Case-Schiller model.
  • Maintaining/troubleshooting Linux systems.
  • Technologies used: Linux, C++, C#, R, BASH, GIT, Javascript.

Linux Systems Administrator, Pointstreaks Sports Technologies, Oct. 2012 - Aug. 2013

  • Maintained existing critical and ancillary Linux systems.
  • Shared on-call availability, solving critical issues as they arise with a goal of 100% uptime.
  • Used EC2 instances as part of auto scaling groups in VPC (virtual private clouds).
  • Developed tools to automate the deployment, administration, and monitoring of a large-scale Linux environment.
  • Worked closely with software developers to support and provide resources.
  • Migrated servers from data center to Amazon Web Services.
  • Managed network using Cisco firewall.
  • Technologies used: Amazon Web Services: EC2, EBS, VPC, S3, Load Balancer, Cloud Formation, CLI, Auto Scaling, Route 53. BASH, Jira, Confluence.

Linux Systems Administrator, bNMR group, TRIUMF, Jun 2006 - Jun 2012

  • Infrastructure architecture design/implement for laboratory data gathering/analysis.
  • Maintain and write webpages.
  • Writing shell scripts.
  • Installing operating system patches, software upgrades, software installations, and modifications of Windows systems and network equipment.
  • General IT support.
  • Technologies used: Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu), C++, R, BASH, Mathematica, Matlab.

Extracurricular Activity: President, Bangladesh Students Association at UBC, Jun. 2011 - Jun. 2012

  • Raised funds for charity.
  • Lead social activities.

Relevant courses

  •  Data Analysis: R, SQL
  •  Mathematics: Stochastic Differential Equations, Probability Theory, Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Real/Complex Analysis, Linear Algebra, etc.
  •  Computer Science: System administration, Scripting, Databases.


  •  Strong quantitative skills: 10 years numerical research and study experience; Solid math background.
  •  Data analysis: 9+ years of large scale data analysis, numerical modeling.
  •  Computer skills: Proficient in Linux/Unix system administration (9+ years), C and C++ (1 year experience). Familiar with Python(1+ year), Perl, R, BASH, SQL, HTML & CGI, Windows, Excel, Mathematica (9 years), Origin(5 years), Matlab,


In certifications


Co-author in 60+ publications in first class physics journals such as Physical Review Letters, Physical Review A, B, etc.